5 Signs That You Need to Start your own Show, Brand or Podcast!
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5 signs that YOU need to 
start your own Podcast!
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 A Couple Quick Mindset Nuggets from Darryn!

Build Your Brand or Business.
Get Your Thoughts & Advice Heard!
Here is what Darryn will help you with:
  • Creating the perfect name & logo
  • Clarity on your why & your message
  •  Get your podcast on all major platforms
  •  Ways to monetize your brand/podcast
  • Featured on the darryn yates show
  • How to find co-hosts, guests, studio, etc.
  •  Mastering your mindset
  •  Accountability, consistency
  •  Failing forward & getting thru resistance
  •  Tips on promotion, marketing, strategy
How badass your Podcast is depends on your mindset, belief system, and how bad you want to maximize your potential. Here are a few things that should excite you...
  • Your story, wisdom, & personality make you 100% unique!
  • With your uniqueness, authenticity, and consistency...there's nothing stopping you!
  • It's time to entertain, inspire, and/or educate others in a way ONLY YOU can!
Yes, show me how to build my brand or business with a Podcast!
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